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Andrew has more than 30 years of global-scale technology experience in a variety of domains, including information security, systems administration, and data science. His interest lies in the intersection of technology and humans. His full CV is available.

Co-founder/CEO of The Tor Project, successfully bringing military research to hundreds of millions around the world. SVP Engineering at Norse Federal, working on large classified and unclassified projects by producing SaaS and appliance products. VP Technology/CTO at TechTarget, first employee and took it public. Built hyper scale architecture and systems, early adopter of cloud technologies to meet the demand. Global media experience with direct TV, radio, keynote speaker, and written interviews.

Andrew advises the US and its Allies, having worked on SAFER Warfighter, MEMEX, SHARKSEER, CRISP, and Interpol’s Crimes Against Children Initiative. He is published with Elsevier Digital Investigations, EMCDDA, and Fordham University Press. As Treasurer for Emerge, Andrew is helping to stop domestic violence through counseling abusers. As Chairman of Each One Teach One, he’s providing economic opportunity for women and girls through technology education.

Interviews | Media | Keynote Speeches

Andrew frequently speaks as a keynote speaker, to the global press/media, and gives technical presentations and training around the world. Written interviews and media articles from around the world are at the Internet Archive or indexed here. Over 1,900 videos can be found in this list. Or more videos here. A highlight is the cover story on Businessweek. A public list of invited speeches.

His headshot is available. Additional stock photos should be available at Getty Images.